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About The Friendly Bike Mechanic

Join us at The Friendly Bike Mechanic, where every bike gets the care it deserves, and every cyclist shares in the joy of a well-maintained ride.

Our Roots: Home-Based Experts in Wrexham and Shrewsbury

At The Friendly Bike Mechanic, we operate from our homes in Wrexham and Shrewsbury, offering expert bike repair and maintenance services. As a Cytech qualified mechanic and a recognized Challenge tire specialist, we provide professional care for your bike right from our workshop.

A Lifelong Cycling Passion

Our journey in cycling extends from the scenic trails of Quebec to the historic paths of France and Yorkshire's rugged terrain. These experiences fuel our dedication to maintaining nearly 100 bikes at Shrewsbury Sports Village. It's not just about repairs; it's about keeping the joy of cycling alive.

Inspired by Family and Competition

The world of competitive cycling entered our lives with my son's involvement in cyclocross, mountain biking, BMX, and circuit racing. This personal connection has deepened our expertise in various bike types, ensuring we stay ahead in maintenance and upgrades. We take pride in handling a diverse range of cycling needs.

Our Commitment to You and Your Bike

We believe there's nothing more rewarding than seeing a cyclist's joy when they ride a bike we've serviced. This belief drives our commitment to ensuring every bike we touch is cared for with the utmost attention and skill.

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