The Friendly Bike Mechanic

Basic Service

  • Brake Tuning: Align and adjust brakes for safe and responsive stopping.
  • Shifting Optimization: Tune and adjust shifting for smooth gear transitions.
  • Safety Check: Torque all fasteners and perform a general safety inspection.
  • Chain Maintenance: Check and adjust chain tension and alignment.
  • Wheel and Tyre Inspection: Ensure wheels are secure and tyres are in good condition.
  • Lubrication: Apply lubricant to the chain and other essential moving parts to ensure smooth operation.


Extended Service

  • Includes all Basic Service tasks
  • Drivetrain Cleaning: Deep clean the drivetrain to remove grime and buildup for enhanced performance.
  • Component Inspection: Inspect the bottom bracket and other key components for wear and functionality.
  • Bike Wash and Polish: Thoroughly clean and polish the bike for a renewed look and feel.


Additional services:

  • Puncture repair £10
  • Accessory fitting £10
  • Cable fitting £15
  • Gear Service £35
  • Bike Assembly £35
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