Challenge Tires Handmade Tubulars Grifo Team Edition TE S-HTU


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The best all-around cyclocross tire ever created excels in wet or dry, soft packed, rocky and root-infested courses, grass, and more. The Grifo features fast rolling knobs and a center section that offers excellent pedaling and braking traction. This handmade tubular combines a supple, 320TPI sealed corespun cotton casing with natural rubber tread, and a seamless latex inner tube for improved grip at lower pressures, confident cornering, and quick handing. The latex tube is lighter, thinner and more flexible than a butyl tube, increasing your comfort, lowering your rolling resistance, and helping to prevent flats. The tube also includes a removable core Presta valve. This tire includes PPS, a Puncture Protection System placed between the tread and casing to increase resistance to punctures.

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🌟 Key Features:

Size & Compatibility: This high-performance tubular tire comes in a versatile size of 28″-33mm, ideal for a wide range of road and cyclocross bicycles.
High TPI Count: With a 320TPI (Threads Per Inch), this tire offers an exceptional balance of strength, flexibility, and light weight, delivering a smooth and responsive ride.
PPS Technology: The Puncture Protection Strip (PPS) enhances the tire’s durability and puncture resistance, ensuring a safer and more reliable cycling experience.
Color & Design: The tire features a stylish black and white design, adding a touch of elegance to your bike while maintaining a professional look.
🔧 Specifications:

Tire Type: Tubular
Size: 28″-33mm
TPI: 320
Puncture Protection: PPS (Puncture Protection Strip)
Color: Black/White.
✅ Why Choose This Tire:

Enhances your cycling performance with its high TPI and PPS features.
Superior grip and control, especially in corners and diverse terrain conditions.
A balance of high performance, comfort, and durability, suitable for both racing and leisure riding.
💡 Perfect For:

Competitive cyclocross racers demanding top-tier performance and reliability.
Enthusiasts and recreational riders facing diverse and challenging terrains.
Cyclists who appreciate the blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern tubeless technology.


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