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High power cleaning with a focus on environmental sustainability
This soap has an excellent cleaning effect, long lasting service, and has exclusively natural ingredients. It is made entirely from natural substances in Germany, is dermatologically tested, vegan and microplastic-free. Therefore, neither coatings nor tyres are affected during cleaning. The soap is 100% biodegradable according to the OECD.

What makes it so special?

Quite simply, it lasts a very long time and can be developed in a very environmentally friendly way. It has an excellent cleaning and degreasing effect and is highly foaming. The dirt particles on the bike get wrapped and can be washed off afterward, without scratching. The soap also has fat dissolving properties. It‘s all very simple.

How does the soap work?

First, rinse the bike completely with water and remove the rough dirt. With a damp brush or a sponge, foam up the soap. Then clean your bike and wash it down with water again. Foam the brush again with soap two or three times, that‘s enough for one wash. Then wash off the soap again and store it in the alu box. Done.

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Schwalbe Natural Bike Soap

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